Introduction to the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization:

Food is the Magic Bullet

What if I told you that you could maximize your body’s health by simply knowing what foods to eat?

Everybody knows that only the body can heal itself. Only food can provide the nutrients at the cellular level that stimulates healing. Drugs don’t heal. Food heals. That is, the energy that the food produces causes the healing. The problem is that we just don’t know what type of food heals what Organ or Gland. It’s like watching Dr. Oz or walking into a vitamin shop. What do our bodies need and what do we consume? So, we try the shot gun approach. We buy a little of everything. We try everything we read and hear about. Yet, we know that we are still wasting a lot of effort. We’re just not sure.

Complete RBTI Kit

RBTI Urine/Saliva Test kit

There Is a Way to Know

Well, there is a way to test your own body’s chemistry (salts, proteins, sugars, pH and cellular debris) to determine what foods your body needs to maximize healing. Did you know that if your salts and proteins are low that you will never have a heart attack?(Dudley/Reams, “Choose Life or Death, 2002) By testing your pH you can determine what vegetables and fruits you should be eating. Are you consuming too much sugar? Now, you can know for sure. Are you eating enough protein for your athletic lifestyle, or too much? Now, you can test and know for sure.

Watch the video on YouTube of Doug performing a complete test.

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization

Dr. Carey Reams developed the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, RBTI, which describes ionic energy composition and function of biological life. This theory was developed and proven during his research and works in the fields of agronomy, chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, and mathematics. He was also good friends with Albert Einstein.

Our cells are surrounded by electrons which further manifest themselves in neutrons and protons. These electrons spin clockwise and counterclockwise to provide balance. When too many free radicals form (bacteria, viruses, toxins, stress, etc.) an acid condition can develop causing the electrons to spin too fast. The cell’s energy develops too fast causing the cell to burn up…a LOSS OF ENERGY. Too much sugar provides food for parasites which promotes acidity. If the salt level is too high, then the salt becomes a scavenger, grabs protein and converts it to ureas. Urea is a waste product waiting its turn to leave the body and can combine with sugar and cause further fermentation…causing more acidity. If salts are high, sugars are low, and pH is high, one could be experiencing a “pickling syndrome” which means a high rate of cellular die-off…which means a LOSS OF ENERGY.


What is that magic number that means cellular energy is being maximized? That is, what is perfect health?

This is perfect health:


Urine pH Saliva pH Salts NN Protein

AN Protein


6.4 6.4 6.5 3


The Chemistry

All disease starts with one or more vital organs, mainly the liver, but then affects other organs. The liver manufactures the skeleton of the amino acid for the repair and building of all the other organs. The RBTI test numbers reveal the location of the loss of energy.

All Disease is a Mineral Deficiency

The smallest particle in an atom is an anion, the next smallest is a cation. The nucleus of the atom can be an anion or cation. An electron, spinning around the nucleus can be a cation or anion. An atom with a positive charged nucleus and a negatively charge spinning shell is ANIONIC. An atom with a negatively charged nucleus and a positively charged spinning shell is CATIONIC. When a positively charged molecule comes together with a negatively charged molecule you get resistance…like when you rub your hands together. It’s this resistance that creates energy. This resistance is measured by pH.

Anion Cation Exchange

Anion Cation Exchange

Sick people have one thing in common:

They do not get enough anionic substances in their diet to allow them to get the MAXIMUM RESISTANCE, and thus the maximum energy from the cationic foods that they are eating. The liver needs anionic materials to make bile (which is anionic) in order to digest the cationic foods we eat. The liver is supposed to get its anionic materials from the minerals found in cationic foods. There are only three anionic elements: Potassium, Calcium, and Chlorine. If you are deficient in one or all of these three, count on it, you are sick.

Even Linus Pauling said it as well years later,

All disease is a the result of a deficiency”.

The Bottom Line

The RBTI test allows us to see exactly how healthy we are, what minerals we are deficient in, and therefore what foods we should be eating to maximize our health. What could be easier? Look at your numbers, change what you eat, get healthier.


In Dr. Reams book, “Choose, Life or Death”, he states that of the thousands of people he treated in his clinics, 100% of the leukemia patients were cured. 85% of the Multiple Sclerosis patients were cured. He could predict, days, months, even years ahead of when somebody was going to have a heart attack by simply looking at their numbers and calculating energy loss in his head. He was a genius on steroids.


What We Can Do For You

We, at Body and Soil Nutrition, can provide you with an Olympic Health testing kit, instructions on how to test yourself, access to an extensive online knowledge library and consultations regarding test result interpretation with personal food and supplement recommendations to address your particular body chemistry.

What could be easier than just changing what you eat to maximize your body’s health potential?

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