Healing Without A Crisis

The Healing Crisis

Sometimes, in fact most times, when the body is truly healing from the micro level a healing crisis will be felt. It is a good sign while healing to revisit old illnesses, injuries and pains. This is the sign that tells you your body is getting through with the memory of that trauma once and for all.


When a healing crisis happens

It is typical for you to want to quit the program and give up. This is the most important time to stick with what your doing. Keep going through the crisis, it will be short in duration.  Although more intense, more painful, maybe even more scary than the actual experience of the past, it will be of a shorter duration. Praise God that your body is healing through it once and for all. Check out this story on the healing crisis at Natural News.com


Only 4% Won’t Go Through a Healing Crisis

You may not believe that you have any health issues bad enough for the body to have to heal through. In reality, only 4% of all people are able to heal completely without experiencing a healing crisis. What the healing crisis signifies is that the body is finally receiving enough mineral energy to properly start rebuilding the organs, glands and systems of the body. The body gets over zealous and anxious to get the repairs made. The organs and glands of your body see good building blocks coming along and start cleaning house, throwing out all the improperly built building blocks that were used to fill the gap while your body was suffering from mineral deficiency. This cleaning house is what causes the healing crisis.


True health means health all the way through the body.

Every cell, every organ, every gland, every system of the body is healthy when true healing has been accomplished. The numbers on your urine/saliva analysis will prove to you when this healing is taking place. Know your numbers, follow your numbers and give your body the mineral energy it needs to become whole once again.


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