You Can Be As Healthy As You Desire

I Found Health, So Can You

It took me years to find the true cause of bad health, sicknesses and disease. Now YOU can learn what I learned without spending years searching. You can be Healthy Too!

Are You Ready to Be Healthy?

When I was born I had illnesses, allergies…I was the typical sick kid. I was anything but healthy. It took me a long time to learn to listen to my body. Eventually I got to the point where I could get by very decently in a day, but it wasn’t good enough. I still had to worry when I went to bed. I had to worry, “Am I gonna wake up in the morning? Am I going to live through the night?”

What would it mean to you if you knew you never had to worry about being sick again?

Finally, when I was about 38 I found a book. I read it and it changed my whole outlook on what it means to be healthy.  I learned that you can test your urine and saliva, you can test what your body is doing with the food you’re eating and you can test your mineral supplies so you can get healthy based on what’s going wrong, what’s missing in your life. Rather than guessing and having to figure it out the hard way, you can really know.

What would it mean to you if your hereditary illnesses didn’t have to mean anything to you, that they wouldn’t become part of YOUR story?

So, I followed this program and I got over my Lyme Disease. I had had Lyme Disease my whole life. I found out that’s what I was born with, that’s why I was sick…because I had the Lyme Disease. So I want to be able to help you, to teach you how you can get over your illnesses and sicknesses and whatever it may be that you’re worried about that you may get because you’re part of a family. Your parents may have had heart disease or cancer. Maybe you have Lyme Disease. Maybe you have chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue or thyroid diseases.

Does the thought of being free from illness and disease get you excited?

It doesn’t matter what you call or name the issues, the symptoms, that your body may come up with. Everything that your body does is based on minerals, the mineral balance within your system. You replace the minerals that are missing in your body and give it the boost it needs to be able to be healthy, to be able to repair itself and take care of its own needs and your body will do the rest. So what I want to be able to do is teach you how to put back in what’s missing so you can get your health back and you can stop worrying about what you might get, what your family history is or what your friend had! Maybe you’re even worried about that. It doesn’t matter because your body can take care of itself if it’s given the right materials to work with.

Join me in our Olympic Health System and let me teach you how to live your life FREE from sickness.

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