Is Your Product Too Sweet?

How Sweet is The Product of Your Body

Your Pee Needs to be Just the Right Amount of Sweet

Brixing grapes to prepare for harvest. They have to pass the sweet test.

Harvest time is known by checking the °Brix.

It’s common practice for a vineyard owner to use a tool to test the sweetness of his grapes.

It’s common practice for a beekeeper to use a tool to test the sweetness of his honey.

It’s common practice for an orange grove owner to use a tool to test the sweetness of his oranges.

It’s also common practice for a high brix gardener to use a tool to test the sweetness of his garden plants during the growing season and at harvest time.


Why do these owners use a tool to check for the sweetness of their product?

The °Brix reading is a measurement of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the solution being tested. These owners know that a proper °Brix reading is necessary to ensure the best quality end product. In the same way, you have the opportunity to know the quality of your end product. Your urine is the end product of your bodies processes. Maintaining a proper urine °Brix is vital to your best quality health among a few other parameters which are discussed elsewhere.

When you eat the food you eat it has to be digested or broken down into its elemental components.  The complete urine & saliva analysis shows how your digestive process is working in full. The refractometer is the tool used to measure the °Brix of your urine. This is only one part of the whole but this one part has a lot to say about the quality of your digestive capabilities, pancreatic function and overall health and happiness.

Your Happiness is Dependent on °Brix

Why? Too little sweetness is what I call sour. When this happens in your body it equals depression, sadness, anger, anxiety and all the other symptoms associated with Hypoglycemia. If your sweet isn’t very sweet neither is your attitude. 🙂

If you are too sweet your happiness is much better and so is your outlook on life, but now you are causing yourself to become Vitamin C deficient and your overworking your pancreas with all the sweetness it has to send out insulin to control. It isn’t able to keep up and that’s why your °Brix is too high.

If your end product is sweet sometimes and sour other times it’s what we call the “zone of misery”. Your body doesn’t know what to think or do. It’s in total confusion. Your happiness is shot and you are certain nobody understands the misery you are in. Your energy levels are nowhere to be found and sometimes you may even get migraines from the sudden change from sweet to sour.Alone, Miserable Man Not very Sweet

The amount of oxygen available in your blood is dependent upon having the correct level of sugars, not too little not too much. Just like in the story of the Three Little Bears, Goldilocks is hunting for the perfect effects, so is your body. Your body will do everything it can to keep your urine °Brix at 1.5 exactly since this is when the oxygen level in the blood is perfect. But,

Your Body Has Lost Its Ability to Balance Its Sweet

Your end product is no longer as high quality as it should be. In the fields, the owner would use means at his disposal to alter the °Brix reading to a more satisfactory level. You need to do the same. First you need to own a refractometer to check your own end product and you need to know what to do should the readings be away from perfect. Of course, common sense does help here. If you are too sweet, stop adding carbohydrates and sugars to your body and perhaps add some special foods that will help rebuild your pancreas and help lower your sweetness.

On the other hand, if you’re too sour you need to keep a constant dribble of carbohydrates and fruit sources coming in to keep your sugar levels in the good zone. You may also need to find out if any particular carbohydrate is causing your pancreas to overproduce insulin and thereby force your “sweet” into the sour zone.

This may sound complicated but it’s really quite simple. Without a refractometer in your possession how would you know which way to take care of your body’s needs? Taking the test for sugars via the blood is not very accurate and never has been. Besides that, it’s a little uncomfortable pricking your finger…especially since you’d have to do it every 5 minutes and take an average of the readings in order to know anything valuable.

Get out your refractometer and start paying attention to the quality of your product. Or check out our Olympic Health Package. And let us help you achieve the greatest health you’ve ever dreamed of.

To Your Health!

Leave a comment below: Do you think it is possible to avoid illness by knowing how your body responds to the food you eat?



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